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Raise Production Inc. - Artificial Lift Technologies

Raise Production's strategic plan, product development and service provision is driven by our clients' goals. Raise Production’s existence must add value to our clients. Raise Production's management is responsible for ensuring our employees have a safe, challenging and rewarding place to work.

Every Raise Production employee must add measurable value toward achieving Raise Production's corporate goals.

When Raise Production reaches its corporate goals our employees will benefit from the success.

Eric Laing

President & CEO

Eric joined the company in 2002, with 39 years of oilfield experience in Drilling, completions and  production optimization. Mr. Laing started his career with Shell (North Sea) before joining Otis Engineering (A Halliburton company). During his time with Otis Mr. Laing worked in field positions in the North Sea, USA and South East Asia for seven years. He also completed an assignment in Australia with Cudd Pressure Control. After completing international assignments he returned to Canada to form his own oilfield supply company. That company was amalgamated with Endiem Oil Tools and in turn merged with Site Oil Tools. During his time with Site Oil he held the position of Domestic Sales Manager and International Sales Manager. After leaving Site Oil Tools, Mr. Laing was a founding member of Secure Oil Tools. Eric held the position of Domestic and International Sales Manager until the sale of the Secure Oil Tools division to Schlumberger. Mr. Laing then spent from 1999-2002 at Schlumberger as Global Business Development Manager for Multi-Lateral Systems to transition the Secure product line into the Schlumberger organization. Mr. Laing joined Stellarton, now Raise Production in 2002. Mr. Laing is now President and CEO of Raise Production Inc.

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